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What is Onsite Content Marketing?

All forms of information/text found on your website that is crawl able & indexable by search engines is deemed to be onsite content. Such as,text, images and videos; if proper schema tags are implemented for videos & images.

Importance of Onsite Content?

Understanding how a search engine will crawl and index your website is very important when creating a strategy to expand content on your website. Providing even the most basic of information that discusses services/products offered by your business can be very beneficial and will surely help to improve your rankings for a targeted keyword.

In order for a website/domain to even be considered relevant for a keyword, a search engine must first crawl your website, collect all of the data/information from each page and than determine what the website is about. Therefore, if your sitemap.xml; a map of all your website pages for Search Engines to quickly index & crawl, contains very few pages…. Than there’s an extremely high change you may not even be showing up for the services you provide or at least high enough in the organic search results to benefit from the new traffic.

The number one SEO strategy; in my opinion, to help improve ranking & relevancy for targeted keywords is content expansion. Simply put, if you want to rank for something, than you need to talk about it so much-all over multiple pages of your website. This way when a search engine crawls & indexes your website, it see’s that you talk about ‘targeted keyword’ on more than 80% of your pages, therefore this must be what the site is about,what they do or what they offer.

However, this doesn’t imply the stuffing and adding of keywords all over a website to help improve relevancy/rank…this would actually have quite the opposite affect.

Making your website/domain SEO friendly must happen prior to a search engine even attempting to crawl & index your onsite content. Read more about how to allow search engines to see your website on our Website Analytics page.

How Does Onsite Content Affect My Keyword Rankings?

As mentioned above, search engines will crawl & index all the pages you allow them to read in order to determine ‘what’ your website/domain’s overall main focus is. Without the proper understanding of how specific search engine algorithms (such as Panda or hummingbird) will affect your website. It’s very possible to go about expanding content on your website in a harmful or non-beneficial manner without even knowing it.

In most scenarios; when competition is realistic to compete against, the best way to increase targeted keyword rankings and improve overall relevancy within a targeted marketed can be achieved with the below approach:

1.) Create a unique landing page for every invidual variation/phrase of the targeted keyword.  That is, you’re able to create a new page with both unique and usefull content that correlates to your market and is ‘user friendly.’

2.) If your targeted keyword is the root of many relevant sub-tree ‘keywords’ or ‘phrases’ (i.e. your targeted keyword is very broad, example given below) than create a landing page for the root and than continue your strategy by creating new pages based on the sub related keywords/phrases from bottom to top. In other words, from least competitive to most competitive.

 An example would be the following:

You want to rank for the keyword “Cosmetic Dentist” within your local area…how would you go about doing this? It’s not as simple as creating one landing page for ‘Cosmetic Dentist and immediately going from rank 80 to rank 10 (almost on the first page of a search result). First a landing page for Cosmetic Dentist must be created. Than lets create sub-related pages, such as teeth whitening, dental implants,veeneers and etc.. Within all of these sub-related pages, we will naturally talk about being a ‘Cosmetic Dentist.’ 

In a nut shell, if your competitor is talking about a targeted keyword on 50 of there pages and your company is talking about that same targeted keyword on only 10 pages…it’s pretty obvious to see whom is more relevant for that targeted keyword. 





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